Noshirt has been going strong for 15 years

Jan Willem looks back. And ahead

Noshirt is celebrating its 15th anniversary! A milestone that we’re commemorating significantly this year. We start where Noshirt began: with founder Jan Willem Onderwater. Here, he looks back. And also ahead.

15 years of pride

“A lot has changed in 15 years. But also nothing, in a way. We launched Noshirt in 2009 with the goal of making people’s lives more comfortable. And we still have that goal. In 2009, we did that with just one style of base layer top, the Noshirt Original. Now, the collection consists of 26 items.” Jan Willem’s pride in where Noshirt is today is a given; it’s evident in everything.

However, his greatest pride is not in Noshirt itself, but in the people who wear it. “We regularly receive personal messages from people who are fans of Noshirt,” he says. “Some of whom have been wearing it for 15 years. For example, the other day we got a message from someone who had received a Noshirt in 2009 to try out. He’s still wearing it. And he’s been a loyal customer for years. Messages like this confirm that the idea we had 15 years ago is not just to our liking.”

15 years of pride

Base layer tops for life

What was that idea? “We wanted to make a base layer top that’s good quality, nice to wear and beautiful,” explains Jan Willem. “One that’s truly invisible and really comfortable. That’s how Noshirt came about. I thought to myself: in the worst-case scenario, I’ll have nice base layer tops in my wardrobe for the rest of my life. But luckily, I didn’t have to wear them all myself, because others turned out to be just as enthusiastic about them as me.”

And there’s no denying that. We regularly receive positive and enthusiastic feedback from customers. Which leave us beaming at our desks. But it’s not just compliments that make us happy. “I like it when customers keep us on our toes,” says Jan Willem. “Their suggestions, ideas or questions have regularly led to additions to our collection.”

Noshirt. Comfort by nature.

Good for you, good for the planet.

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Doing the right thing

This also applies to the launch of the women’s collection, something that Jan Willem also looks back on with pride: “For years, we were asked on a weekly basis: When will there be a line for women? But we wanted to create a strong men’s collection first, before we delved into what an ideal women’s line needs. Three years ago, the time had come. This time I thought: in the worst-case scenario, my wife will have nice base layer tops in her wardrobe for the rest of her life. However, we didn’t need to go buy her a larger wardrobe because the women’s items were well received straight away.”

And when it comes to any dreams left for the coming years, Jan Willem confirms there are more than enough. “I want to be even closer to the customer. Maybe even with our own showrooms. And I want to be even more transparent about where our products come from. Naturally, we are fully aware of that, but we can communicate it even more clearly. I want to make a social impact, grow sustainably and inspire others to choose slow fashion as well. We still have plenty to do.”

Comfort for all

Comfort for all

What has been clear for 15 years is that Noshirt should be comfortable. And that it stays that way. “I hope that customers experience as much comfort from our base layer tops as we do ourselves,” says Jan Willem. “I want everyone to feel that. And I’m extremely grateful that we’ve been able to make so many people feel that comfort for 15 years already. Hopefully there will be many more.”

But first, let’s celebrate this important milestone. “Throughout the year, we will be placing our customers in the spotlight with Noshirt surprises,” Jan Willem concludes. “That’s all I can say for now, otherwise it’ll ruin the surprise! What I can tell you is that we certainly will not be letting our 15th anniversary pass by unnoticed. So keep an eye on us to join the party.”

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