Honest about sweat

Everyone sweats, some more visibly than others. Noshirt Dry ensures a dry shirt and prevents sweat odor.


The insert of Noshirt Dry is made of TENCEL® fabric specially developed for us. Compared to other fibres, TENCEL® has the highest absorption value. TENCEL® literally absorbs moisture from the skin.

Because TENCEL® absorbs the excess moisture before the bacteria can break down the sweat, you no longer suffer from a nasty sweat smell. Thanks to nano fiber technology, Noshirt Dry has optimal moisture management. The excess absorbed moisture is quickly released back into the atmosphere by the use. This keeps your shirt dry and you have no visible perspiration spots.

TENCEL® naturally prevents the growth of bacteria without the use or addition of chemicals. TENCEL® is a 100% natural raw material (pure natural wood cellulose from the eucalyptus tree) and is completely biodegradable.

The extremely smooth surface of the insert feels soft and very pleasant on the skin. This is due to the low stiffness of TENCEL®. Noshirt Dry is a perfect product for anyone with sensitive skin.

Noshirt Dry

Everyone sweats. One more visible than the other. Wet spots in the shirt and under the armpits are not a pleasant sight. Hundreds of thousands of business professionals suffer from it every day.

With Noshirt Dry, sweat stains and odors are now a thing of the past. Noshirt Dry: naturally against sweat .

The unique combination of our existing thin, light, cool Noshirt Lite with an insert of extra fabric, where people perspire first: around the armpits. This insert is made of TENCEL® fabric specially developed for us.

Noshirt Dry is available in our unique color invisible khaki : this way you prevent those unsightly contours of your undershirt at the sleeve and collar and available with 2 types of V-neck . This way you wear Noshirt invisibly under your shirt. Choose a regular V when you wear 1 button open, or a deep V when you prefer to leave 2 buttons open.



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