[4] The customer is king? Not any more!

5 conscious choices from Noshirt

They have a saying in Holland that goes "The Customer is King" – in other words, you have to treat the customer like a king. But at Noshirt, we’re not so sure about that.

To start off with, at Noshirt we’re all about quality and sustainability. Not just sustainable business practices, but also building sustainable relationships with our customers and suppliers. And we don’t do that by treating our customers like a king.

After all, there is only one king in Holland, and that is King Willem-Alexander. He recently gave he gave an interview on TV on his 50th birthday. You saw a man who definitely had the air of the king: somebody who was rather aloof and detached. Not exactly somebody you can have an open and frank conversation with.


And that is exactly the reason why that traditional Dutch saying of “The Customer is King” doesn't really apply anymore in this day and age. Besides, even if the King was our customer, we wouldn't be able to give him special treatment even if we wanted to. Because we already give all our customers the absolute best quality we can. By connecting with them in an open and constructive dialogue. So they can help us to improve, and we can give them the best underwear they have ever worn.


So instead of treating our customers like a king, we prefer to treat them like our friends. Obviously, not "friends” in the sense that we get together with everyone who wears a Noshirt for a round of golf at the weekend. But in the sense that we treat our customers with the same respect and honesty as we would like to treat our close family and friends. Without being afraid to ask what they really think. To be somebody they can call night and day, who will be there for them for years to come. An informal and friendly relationship, but a sincere and practical one: we genuinely want to give you the best underwear we can. So that's why we need you to tell us how we can make our shirts and shorts better: not only more comfortable, but also more sustainable.


We always like to do the best we can for our friends. We are quite happy to arrange urgent deliveries and give personal advice about the best size to wear, or the right type of undershirt or boxer shorts. We keep in touch with them by email. We tell them what we are up to. We listen to them when they give us feedback about our products, and they can always exchange or return products if they don't like them. Because a long-term relationship has to be built on respect and trust. That’s how our circle of friends will keep on getter bigger and bigger. And maybe one day, the Dutch King might actually become our friend – or our customer. After all, even the King has to wear underwear!

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