Nosocks as a style item in sneakers

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Sneakers are supposed to stand out. In fact, they can't be eye-catching enough under smart pants or a long dress. Sneaker socks are a different story: their strength lies in their invisibility.

Sneakers are indispensable style items. They can add a cool touch to a floral dress and can even make dungarees look cool (according to the experts). But style is about more than just finding the right sneakers, it’s about how you wear them. Do you pair them with striking socks? You can, but a visible cuff on an ankle sock is a definite no-go. Do you go sockless on hot summer days? This isn’t a very fresh option for your feet, your shoes, or your immediate surroundings. The solution: make a fashion statement with invisible sneaker socks.

Invisible sneaker socks
MNosocks are extra-low socks (footies) designed to stand out due to their inconspicuousness. They’re perfect for sneakers and any other low-rise shoe. They cover your foot from heel to toe, but remain hidden under the lace/instep area of your shoe. The breathable instep and the antibacterial finish give your feet room to breathe, while your sneakers (and bare ankles) have plenty of room to shine. You can even wear them in winter: you just go for the wool version, which keeps your feet really nice and warm (without getting sweaty).

Anti-slip footies
Good sneakers combine style and ultimate comfort. You can walk for miles in comfort and style. Nosocks strike the perfect balance between convenience and stylishness. They have a non-slip part at the heel and a high instep, which keeps the socks in place all day long. This means they won't sag or slip off, and you won’t have to stop every few paces to pull them back up.

Sporty in style
The fact that most sneakers can now pass as sports shoes (and vice versa) means that Nosocks are perfect for creating a sporty street look as well as working up a sweat in the gym. The socks are a comfortable style item on the tennis court, golf course or CrossFit gym. You’re sure to look sporty and stylish – at least when you first start off!

Want to see for yourself what invisible socks can do for your sneaker style? Try Nosocks without obligation for 30 days. Feel free to wear, wash, dry and wear them again. If you’re still not convinced of the indispensable, invisible sneaker socks, you'll get your money back   

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