Hot days call for cool base layers. Thin tops that you don’t feel, but that keep you fresh, no matter what. Like the ultra-fine Noshirt Dry. With extra-absorbent panels at the armpits, this fresher-than-fresh base layer keeps the sweat stains and damp patches at bay, while guaranteeing you the utmost comfort.

The name says it all. One of our most popular base layer tops, Noshirt Dry is dry by name and dry by nature. No hocus-pocus here. Simply ultra-thin Supima cotton, which we use for our Noshirt Lite, and two extra-absorbent panels in the most sweat-sensitive areas – the armpits. These are made of Tencel™, the sustainable material we use for Noshirt Nature and Noshirt Performance.

In short: Noshirt Dry brings together the best of both worlds.

Noshirt Dry is an anti-sweat base layer top with an absorbent buffer for sweaty armpits. A natural freshener and stain preventer. A comfortable piece that prolongs the lifespan of your clothes. A welcome addition to any wardrobe. And a must-have for any armpit owner.

Want to feel how dry Dry is? You can always try our Noshirts out for 30 days.

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