Our base layer tops don’t have labels. That’s because labels get in the way of comfort. But just because we don’t want to provide a label, doesn’t mean we don’t want to provide info on where our products are made. Or from what material. And by whom. And anyway, there isn’t enough space on a label for all that. Which is why we prefer to lay it all out in detail for you here. In five parts. For those who want to get to know the nitty-gritty, the basics, the fundamentals. Or the base layer, of course.


In our first ‘What you don’t see on the label’ blog, we reveal about how we’re working with a producer that’s at the forefront of sustainable innovations and anti-waste measures. We take our hats off to our colleagues in Tunisia for every drop of water they save and for every piece of cotton that’s put to its precise use thanks to the smart cutting machine. But what about us? What do we, at Noshirt, do ourselves when it comes to recycling? To make sure we don’t squander any valuable materials? Let’s break it down for you here:


Noshirt is an underwear brand. And underwear is a hygiene product. Which means it requires clean, new packaging. And at Noshirt we also offer our customers the option of creating their own Value Packs, where you can pick & mix all kinds of products. Both in size and style. That’s why we have to pack our products individually. We can’t do much about that, unfortunately. But what we can do is pack every item as sustainably as possible. So our packaging is made from recycled paper, which you can easily recycle yourself again.

And another thing you can do to help us in our efforts is you can size up (in every manner of the word) one product first, before you open all the other items in your order. Then, if the size isn’t right or you aren’t satisfied with your choice, you can return all the items – both the opened and unopened ones – in the original package.

Which means 1. together, we can help create less waste, and 2. we can use the unopened items to make someone else happy.


If a base layer top, pair of shorts or socks does make its way back to us without its original packaging, then it’s no longer possible for us to sell that particular garment. The same can be said for any items in our warehouse that have some loose stitching or a crooked seam. And that’s a crazy waste, which is why we started our own recycling programme years ago. Instead of throwing these items away, we simply give them a different life by transforming our unsaleable Noshirt pieces into Nowaste products. Think shoe covers. Or laundry bags. Or superbly soft cleaning cloths. It’s recycling at its most creative.


And last, but by no means least: we’re convinced that wearing Noshirt products also helps prevent a lot of waste. For the simple reason that they’re quality pieces that last a long time and that don’t end up in the bin after ten wears. Slow fashion, that’s what we call it. And not only is it good for the planet, it also saves you a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on unnecessary shopping trips. Less waste and less time wasted. The best of both worlds, right?

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