Sustainability and Quality

What cotton can do

At Noshirt we also make our undershirts and shorts from cotton. That might sound old-fashioned, but in our opinion highly logical. Cotton is a natural material that for thousands of years has been renowned for its excellent ability to absorb moisture, its lightweight quality and comfortable feel. Ideal for underwear that keeps your clothes fresh.

And then there’s cotton and cotton. At Noshirt we use superior quality Supima® cotton. Cotton with an exceptionally  long fiber, produced in the United states by growers who are strictly regulated and make no concessions on quality. That means: no unnecessary pollution, no excess water use and no children involved in any stage of the production process.

To make your noshirt even more comfortable, this already long, soft cotton fiber is spun into an extra fine yarn (and for our Noshirt lite an even finer yarn) and mixed with elastane. This gives your Noshirt its soft and comfortable fit, without losing its shape after washing!

We spin and dye the cotton yarn into the material you are wearing at an Oeko-tex certified atelier. That way we prevent any unnecessary or harmful use of chemicals. As little as possible and only when truly needed. So we know that during the production of our noshirt products, no substances are being used that can cause harm to you or the people working.

We want you to wear super soft and strong cotton. Knowing that everyone who worked to make our products received a fair salary and worked under good conditions. That feels better, right?


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