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Find out what size base layer suits you

A base layer top should fit your body perfectly so that it’s completely invisible under your clothing. To ensure you choose the right size, there are a few things that you need to know:

#1 Noshirts are longer than normal

Having a base layer top that keeps creeping up is, without a doubt, incredibly annoying. That’s why we designed our Noshirts to be extra-long. This way, they stay well and truly tucked into your trousers or skirt, even when you bend over or sit down. And if you’re someone who often has to order a larger size because standard shirts are not long enough, then remember that this isn’t necessary with Noshirt. Because with our designs, you get to wear your own size and benefit from the optimal slim fit.

#2 Noshirts shrink after the first wash

The fabrics used for our base layer tops have a natural shrinkage. We have taken this into account in the design and sizing. When you first receive your Noshirt, it will be a bit long and loose around your body. But after the first wash, the base layer top should fit just so.

#3 You have 30 days to try your item

Say goodbye to the days when you ordered multiple sizes to find the perfect fit at home. With Noshirt, you have 30 days to try your product out to make sure it’s absolutely the one for you. That’s right: You can wear it, wash it, dry it – and repeat – for 30 days, and if you’re not satisfied, simply return the item to us and we’ll give you your money back.

Check our guarantee here.

Size charts

Below, you’ll find the size charts of our base layer tops and shorts. If you’re in doubt between two sizes, order the size you usually buy. This is better for the environment, because once packaging has been opened, we can no longer use the product. And it saves you on postage costs for returning your item.

Men’s base layer top size chart

Women’s base layer top size chart

Men’s Boxer shorts size chart

When it comes to shorts, the width of your hips and size of your thighs determine which size is best for you. You can use the table below as a reference for the correct size.


Tip: If you’re ordering multiple items, then only open one pack to check the size and fit. By doing so, you’re doing us (and Mother Earth) a big favour.

P.S. And if you’re wondering what happens to items that have been opened and returned. Well, we make something new out of them: our Nowaste items.

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